Judges 2017

Here are the first names of our Judges for the 2017 screening. More names to come !

Zoé Chaloin

Student representative


Official member of many cultural boards in Paris, official town meetings, young activists to constantly improve the quality of life of the French students.

Has been a public figure invited to the Paris Arts and Movie Awards film festival to give away the Best French Student Film in 2015. Loves movies, photography, free spirits and beautiful souls.

Emmanuel Lakkari



Graduated of the 3iS – Institut International de l’Image et du Son. Best cinematographer at RahWay Festival 2014 with 300.000 kilomètres/seconde.

Adèle Godefroy



Won the Paris-Berlin Connexion photography contest, 2014 Jury member of the Paris-Berlin Vibration contest, 2015 Finalist, Jury Choice of the photography contest “Ailleurs”, Paris, 2016

Her website.

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