WOW is not World Of Warcraft. From now on, it stands for World Of Wolfram, a jubilatory webseries from Germany thats shows there no glass ceiling for generous and genuine comedy, even today when you can find anything and nothing on the Worldwide YouTube Web.

Director Lutz Heineking Jr won Best Web Series at the Play Film Festival this June, then righ away got the votes from the Judges and took the Best Web Series.. of the year ! That’s a double-double, with style.

You have a very good festival run. How do you think you got so successful ? Is it the tone of the series, its visual sense of comedy… ?

We always thought of world of wolfram as a international successful series…“funny enough“ it does not do as well in Germany yet.

Can you tell us a little about your background / path as a director ?

I come from commercial and classic TV and I am very old for web series- but I very much enjoy the format and its freedom.

The web series is in German. Is it harder to screen and share internationally when you’re not shooting in english ?

I guess so, but as answered before we do have more success with it internationally.

How many episodes and seasons are already online ?

There are 10 episodes/ One season online.

How long does it take to make one episode ? How many days of shooting ?

We are shooting two days for one Episode. We edit and post another 3 days.

How did you cast the actors ? 

We did a regular casting but looked very much for Actors who are highly professional and do have our sense of humor.

What is the thing about the series you are the most proud of ?

That it is unique.

Are you working on the next season or episodes ?

We are currently looking for new money… You can not do this type of webisode without a „money partner“ in the back…

We did the first season with funk ( a platform formed by the German public televison to go for younger viewers)  – who currently have different strategies then following up on the first season.


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